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Dr. Urban is very thoughtful and knowledgeable. He is an artist and performed a perfect job in my wife’s eyes. She looks 20 years younger and she is so happy. She had her eyelids worked on and other facial rejuvenation work. My wife is so happy with her results. The office staff was friendly, and they were extremely busy that day! To say the least my wife was nervous about her surgery, but Dr. Urban put us at ease. He is a doctor who cares about his work. It is obvious he enjoys his job and cares about making his patients happy. He was concerned with how my wife’s eyes would heal and was very thorough with his follow-up visits. For facial cosmetics work, I would recommend Dr. Urban to anyone looking for his expertise.

He did an excellent job on a full-face lift. I would totally recommend Dr. Urban in every way. I am 63 years old and I look like I am 50 years old. My neck and skin are smooth and without wrinkles. The wrinkles around my eyes are also gone. My older daughters don’t know I had anything done. They say I look so good but they can’t tell I had the facelift. One daughter asked if I was using a new face cream. I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Urban.

“I was in to see Dr. Urban for an Orthognathic jaw surgery. Basically, I had too much lower jaw and not enough upper jaw. The surgery was going to involve Dr. Urban moving my lower jaw backward and pulling my upper jaw forward to create a nice symmetrical face. Now imagine my fear I’m a 19-year-old woman about to get my jaw cut open and switched around. I was completely nervous because your face is the first thing people see when you meet them and a million and one things rushed through my mind but Dr. Urban took the time to explain EVERYTHING and his staff was wonderful in helping set everything up and taking care of the insurance portion of my surgery. I can’t thank Dr. Urban enough for what he has done. All of my teeth have a job when I eat now and it could not have been possible without Dr. Urban and his staff.” – KB

Dr. Urban is a facial artist. He takes his work seriously and is a perfectionist. I come in often for cosmetic work and I leave looking natural and enhanced! He pays attention to detail and calls me after my treatments to see how I was doing. I noticed his degrees as an MD and DMD and am happy I found someone who knows his stuff!

Dear Dr. Urban, I’m writing to thank you for your excellent skills and professionalism. It will be a year in February since you performed corrective surgery on my husband’s upper lip. Yesterday, as I was thinking back, I realized I am so grateful for you. Before we came to your office I looked everywhere for a doctor with high qualifications. I spent hours researching My husband’s problem and Utah maxillofacial and plastic surgeons, even out-of-state doctors. It was so important because my husband’s double lip was a sensitive topic with him. He had already had one unpleasant and somewhat unsuccessful surgery when he was a teenager. At a counselors suggestion, we decided it would be good to try again. He was so apprehensive about it that he didn’t even want to think about it, so it was up to me to make sure the next doctor would be successful. Our visit with you really impressed us. You were sensitive and knowledgeable, you communicated your plans specifically and like a normal person, you showed my husband in the mirror what you had in mind, and you took all the time needed to answer our questions and concerns. You were careful to say that it might not look perfectly normal in the end, but you were very confident that the appearance could be significantly improved. When we left, we had confidence in you and liked you. My husband didn’t feel like an anomaly on display, and I noticed that your office was lovely and it didn’t have the feel of a hospital. We were pleased with the way you handled the surgery and the price too. You even took some time to talk with me a bit afterward to tell me how it went. You sent us home with good instructions, and My husband’s recovery was as smooth as anyone could hope for. To top it off, a nurse called a few hours after the surgery to check up on the patient. What attentiveness! Anyone looking at my husband today wouldn’t have any idea there was ever a problem. The surgery a year ago went so well that, until I was thinking about it again yesterday, Id forgot all about how anxious and preoccupied I was with it at the time. My husband has a beautiful smile now, and he smiles more often. Thank you so much for everything. We recommend you to anyone we know looking for a facial surgeon.

Before Lip Surgery

After Lip Surgery

After Lip Surgery

“Thank you for the excellent care you provided during and after my surgery. I heard good things about you from many different sources and it was all true. I will definitely refer my friends and family to you. Thank you! Ps, your staff is awesome too!” – BP

“Dr. Urban was really nice and his employees too. They were really gentle and friendly. Amazing work!! I will recommend my friends!” – Adilene R.

“Great doctor and amazing staff!! Will definitely recommend it to others!”

“It was a great experience and the procedure went smoothly.”

“Staff was very pleasant and friendly, make you feel like talking and the doctor really cares. The place is clean and nice. I would highly recommend the service.” – Claudia H.

“It was a pleasant experience. Well organized and efficient.” – Veronica B.

“Thank you for taking care of my lip as well as you did. You are truly one of a kind and I appreciate your bedside demeanor.” – Kristi A.

“Dr. Urban is great. I like that he remembered that he had worked on my older child, even though that was almost 2 ½ years ago. I will always come back to him and recommend all of my friends and family to the office.” – Beth G.

“Outstanding all around.”

“Great experience!! Will recommend to everyone.”

“We loved Dr. Urban and all of the staff! We will definitely be recommending this office!” – Jennifer G.

“I truly appreciate the treatment given to me by Dr. Urban. He is very professional in his dealings. A special thanks to all the staff who assisted Dr. Urban. I will recommend the Utah Facial Surgical Arts facility to any potential customer. Very good service.” – Danny T.

“All of the staff were super nice, I was really nervous and they talked to me and calmed me down, they explained what they were doing as they did it. After the surgery they stayed with me until my family could come back, that was really nice.” – Athena Z.