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Facial Aging

Facial aging is a multifactorial process composed of

  1. Skin texture changes,
  2. Loss of facial fat,
  3. Facial bone remodeling, and
  4. Skin laxity secondary to gravitational forces, loss of skin elasticity (elastin fibers), and loss of strength (collagen).

Some facial aging influences we can avoid and some we can’t. Obviously, we cant avoid gravity and facial skin bone senescence (aging) but we can avoid some external factors like smoking and sun exposure. Both smoking and sun exposure damage facial skin’s ability to repair and regenerate.

Facial cosmetic surgery or rejuvenation therapy can reverse the effects of gravity and facial volume changes. Facelift (rhytidectomy) addresses loose skin and wrinkles by resuspending the facial skin into its natural youthful position. Fat transfer or soft tissue fillers help in the department of facial volume loss (deflation). Laser skin resurfacing removes older skin layers and allows new skin regeneration to occur. Plus laser skin therapy also stimulates collagen production which helps with skin support and prevents wrinkles.

Unfortunately, cells of the human body have limited regenerative potential. It’s almost as if our DNA is preprogrammed to ensure that our cells fail after a certain number of cell cycles. So if you are thinking cosmetic surgery is the cure for mortality, I am sad to inform you that the elixir of immortality has yet to be discovered:)